You can find descriptions of all projects in the DFG GEPRIS database under SPP 2102

Novel Metal-based Luminophores

Near-Infrared Spin-Flip Luminophores with Earth-abundant Metal Ions (NIR-SPINFLIP)
Katja Heinze   Michael Seitz   Markus Gerhards
Pushing the ligand field to the limit – Cyclometalated complexes of d8-configured metal ions as efficient triplet emitters
Axel Klein   Christian Strassert   Nikos Doltsinis
Mono- and Bimetallic Cyclometalated Transition Metal NHC Complexes
Thomas Strassner
Exploration of ZnII complexes for efficient phosphorescence and TADF
Andreas Steffen   Christel Marian
Ultrafast monitoring and synthetic control of electronic properties of a self-assembled coordination system as a multi-site luminescent probe for sensoric and imaging applications
Berthold Kersting   Bernd Abel

Novel (Earth-abundant) Metal-based Photosensitizers

Tailoring of heteroleptic copper based photosensitizers and their photophysical characterization
Stefanie Tschierlei   Michael Karnahl
Excited State Kinetic Modeling of Iron Complexes (ESKIMO)
Matthias Bauer   Katja Heinze   Stefan Lochbrunner   Oliver Kühn
EXTRA-SHARC (Excited State Dynamics of Transition Metal Complexes using SHARC, part A)
Leticia González
Elementary Steps in Gold Photocatalysis
A. Stephen K. Hashmi   Andreas Dreuw
The photocatalytic reduction of CO2 with heterodinuclear catalysts based on earth abundant metals
Matthias Schwalbe   Oliver Wenger (associated PI)
Theoretical and experimental correlations between solution phase and gas phase photoredox-reactivity of molecular vanadium oxide clusters
Carsten Streb   Christoph Riehn   Timo Jacob

Fundamental Aspects of Energy Transfer, Multielectron and Multiproton Processes in Metal-based Systems

Excited-State Properties of Multiply-Excited Oligonuclear Coordination Compounds
Ulrich Schubert   Benjamin Dietzek
Exploiting the disulfide/dithiol switch in photoinduced proton coupled electron transfer reactions
Franc Meyer   Dirk Schwarzer   Oliver Wenger (associated PI)
Coordination Chemical Scaffolds for Dual Proton Coupled Photoelectron Transfer
Wolfram Seidel
Mechanistic Analysis and Design of (Novel) Transition-Metal-Complex-Based Photocatalysts for Triplet Energy Transfer Activation
Frank Glorius   Dirk Guldi

Photoinduced Bond Activation in Transition Metal Complexes

Dual-mode ligand release from transition metal complexes: Towards photoselectivity by complementary synthetic and ultrafast UV-VIS-MIR spectroscopic approaches
Ulrich Schatzschneider   Patrick Nürnberger
Evaluating the role of multi-state reactivity for cobalt C-H functionalization photocatalysts
Biprajit Sarkar   Sven Schneider   Peter Vöhringer
EXTRA-SHARC (Excited State Dynamics of Transition Metal Complexes using SHARC, part B)
Leticia González

Coordination Project

Coordination Project LCRMC
Katja Heinze